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About fashion written so much that you are lost in the variety of fashion trends.
Fashion is not just clothing. This is a socio-cultural phenomenon. To track trends, first of all you need to look at the leading brands, but without a deep sense and creative approach can not do. 


Be aware of new developments in the world of fashion, beauty, healthy lifestyle and image.
Career as an integral part of life style, social projects, volunteering, immigration, repatriation and much more.


Fashion Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

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Women`s suits? It ‘s not a rare thing to find in a working woman’s wardrobe. Though we will not elaborate here on a more classical type of it – the interview suit, which should be as reserved in style as possible. In this post we will try to see which colorful touches can be added to a classic look of an office suit, to brighten it up!



Thank you so much for following along during 2015, you make the internet a fun and cheerful place to be. I hope you have a truly magical New Year’s Eve and I look forward to seeing you on the other side… So, in no particular order, here are my 12 most popular blog posts of 2015.


עברנו מרוסיה לארץ, כאשר דניאל היה בן 1.5. הוא למד איתנו להכיר את שפה עברית וחיים החדשים

בהמדינה החדשה. היום דניאל שלי מאושר, אפילו לא זוכר את כל קשיים . הוא יודע טוב שפה עברית, כמו גם

.שפה רוסית, וכמו כולם לומד אנגלית והולך לבית הספר

לעתים קרובות אני שומעת מאנשים שרוצים לעלות/להגר לארץ או למדינות שונות אחרות ולא מעזים לעשות

.את זה רק בגלל הפחדים שלהם

.אבל אם אתה לא עושה כלום כדי להשיג את המטרה שלך - המטרה לא תתקרב בעצמה אליך בכלל
.אין שום דבר בלתי אפשרי


This new documentary chronicles are the side effects of modern "fast fashion" industry in a lively, yet horrid picture. Witness yourself how awful conditions are on these Asian factories, where most of the major clothing and apparel brands have their items manufactured, keeping a low cost both on their products and the value of human work and life...


It seems crazy that many of us want to learn how to be present because surely this is something that should come naturally. But living in a world of distractions many of us find our minds are not fully present and in the moment. Often we’re so caught up in thoughts, reliving past events or thinking about the future, that we miss the world around us.


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I'd like to tell you more about myself, my fashion tastes and the origins of my inspiration for all things lifestyle and beauty...

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